We are a multidisciplinary team combining both right and left brain capabilities

A core in-house team with diverse backgrounds in Production, Marketing, Advertising, Creative, Events, Technology, Engineering, Design, Architecture, Project management, Logistics and an extensive international network of “Staff on Demand”.

Recently (among the first globally) we entered the VR/AR (Virtual and Augmented reality) space through the EZVR unit.

Yes, we obviously use our left brain functions (logic, reason, rational, science, engineering, technology…), but we believe that our strengths as a team lie in the combination of our right brains as well.

And in our determination to “Make things happen”, whatever what. Live, Virtual or Digital. Big or small.

Yannis Sotirakos

CEO / Founder

Harris Kraniou

Chief Operating Officer

Vivi polykandrioti

Senior Account Manager

Panagiotis Moukelis

3D Designer - Architect

Stathis Moustakis

Chief Technology Officer

Angeliki Rentzi

Production and SSO manager

Theodore Gavras

Sales Support & Operation Mngr

Tilemachos Voreas

Sales Support & Operation (SSO)

Manolis Thomanikos

Sales Support & Operation (SSO)

Angelika Tassi

Sales Support & Operation (SSO)

Effie Nikolaou

Administration Manager

Ioanna Paraschou

Financial dept manager

Angeliki Apostolou

Project management executive